Friday, January 22, 2010

Banana diet does it Work ?

The banana diet is a very simple concept and has become a real hit with thousands of japaneses who have been buying up banana's from all over the world.

The concept of the banana diet is very simple, by increasing consumption of banana's while maintaining a healthy diet you can help to build lean muscle while continuing to loose weight.

Banana diet does it work ?

Yes the banana diet works and is very simply to follow upon waking. Upon waking eat one or more bananas. (up to 5-6) - Take the banana with a glass of room temperature water. (only drink water with the banana diet) - If you are hungry after 15 - 30 minutes you can eat a small meal consisting of a slow digesting carbohydrate (rice is most popular for the Japanese)

The banana diet still allows you to have snacks so you can still indulge your sweet tooth

For more information on the banana diet and how to follow it visit

Morning Banana Diet - Japanese Banana Diet to Lose Weight

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