Friday, January 22, 2010

low carb alternative - Low Carb side Effects

Low Carb Alternative

Low carb diets have become so popular because everyone seems to be loosing weight on them but people dont stop to think about the damage that cutting out all the carbs in your diet does to your body.

Not only does cutting out all carbs leave you with a lack of energy and feeling sluggish it forces your organs to use inferior fuel sources such as Fat and Protein. Both Fat and Protein are inferior fuel sources and overtime you feel the affect.

The besty way to use the carbohydrates throughout your diet is to go for carbohydrates with a low glycemic index (which means they don't have a huge impact on blood sugar levels , e.g diabetes cause) . Such as oatmeal , brown rice, and wholemeal bread, and pasta.

And remember always time your carbohydrates its as simply as looking at your day and determinig whether or not you will burn off the carbs you eat.

Low Carb Weight Loss - Low Carb Side Effects

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